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How do you build a business from the ground up, dauntlessly? Meet James Hixson, the man behind Denver’s wildly successful Black Hound Design Company. This episode is all about hearing how a young man from rural Appalachian Ohio made his mark on the world and grew a remarkably successful business with no MBA, no business background, no real experience, other than sheer grit, hustle and hard work. This episode is jam-packed full of actionable tips and insights that you can apply to your own life. 

Who Is James Hixson?

James Hixson is the founder and owner of Denver's Black Hound Design Company- a custom fabrication, furniture and art studio with a team of over 20 talented craftspeople and artists. But his story is that of the unlikely entrepreneur- a young kid being raised in a highly religious family with little resources other than his own determination. Flash forward- and you will hear about how James cobbled his life together via freelancing, the gig economy, modeling and teaching- to then ultimately becoming the successful business owner that he is now. 

Why You Should Listen to this James Hixson Podcast Episode Right Now…

 In this episode, Dr. Kate Hixson brings in artist and entrepreneur James Hixson to share how he went from his formative years as a young kid in Athens, Ohio trying to just make ends becoming the multifaceted creative entrepreneur he is today. You will learn about the critical role of teaching yourself, tackling your fears, grit and the key concept of "yes and." James shares how he pivoted during the economy crash and went on to bounce back. 



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