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The Woman Behind the Mic

What’s better than a superhero? Finding out your unique superpower and becoming your own superhero.  Brand Wolfe’s Max Gerson and Kate Hixson talk about the keys to unlocking your superpower and spoon-feeding it to the world. 

Who is Dr Kate Hixson?

Kate is a researcher, speaker, corporate consultant and entrepreneur.  Her client roster includes numerous Fortune 500 brands, government entities- including the United Nations!- and a who's who list of global celebrities. In short, important organizations trust Kate's expertise and seek out her knowledge. Why? Because she is inspiring, motivating and completely grounded in science. Bottom line- there's no bullshit. 


Dr Hixson is fascinated by the extraordinary. Regular folks who tackle incredible challenges and rise to the occasion. Entrepreneurs who create exceptional businesses and game-changing products. Athletes who commit to the extreme and dominate in their field. Movers and shakers and all-out hustlers. 

Why You Should Listen to this Kate Hixson Podcast Episode Right Now…

When the person who always wants to know “why” is finally asked “why” by someone else, you listen. The Dauntless podcast didn’t just happen.  This baby was years in the making, and you should take a listen.  And take notes, too.

Kneeling Astronaut


Or anywhere you get podcasts


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Kate's cute "yellow Dodge Viper" story. This car is anything but cute, but this story certainly is. - 4:30

  • The unusual (but awesome) things Kate's family stored in their garage. - 4:10

  • Addicted to speed? Kate's family are. No, no, no. Not that type of speed. (I'm talking fast cars, fast bikes, fast boats, well, anything that's fast enough to make you feel like your face is about to peel off! Hear Kate talk about growing up in a family full of racing fanatics at 5:00)

  • How Kate took her family's daredevil gusto and spirit and channelled it into books! - 7:30

  • Q. How many academics does it take to change a light globe? A. One to screw it in and 50 peers to review her work and reject her thesis on the practical usefulness of a bulb. Is there much truth to that joke? Well, Kate will tell you herself at 9:10

  • Dr. Kate's (yes, she's a doctor) uncanny ability - superpower is probably more accurate -  to take the complex, the philosophical, the esoteric, the scientific theories, and break them down “Barney-style” so that even people who are about as sharp as a bowling ball can understand. - 9:30

  • Max's spookily accurate insight into humankind. Boy oh boy... this will get you to self-reflect right quick. (If you're a marketer or salesperson, you should especially pay close attention when Max drops this disturbingly good insight at 13:00)

  • The "shit stink" change motivator. (Are you putting off making a necessary change in your life? This is probably why...  - 13:50)

  • Why Kate must regularly report at NASA's Johnson's Space Center. (Is Kate a doctor AND an astronaut? Get the full scoop at 19:00)

  • The curious reason why Kate loves (even admires) a noticeable scratch on her car.  - 20:00

  • Advice for those who coach, teach, or lead a team. (If you're not already doing this as a leader, then you'll want to fix that pronto! It's that important. - 23:00)

  • The amazing story of the "Black-Gloved Man". (This inspirational true story will make you want to run through walls! In fact, the Black-Gloved Man is Kate's uncle! Hear this at 26:00

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