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Whitewater and freestyle kayaker Nick Troutman proves that he's dauntless on the water, and in life. He packs a punch with powerful advice on how to navigate challenging situations, his tactics for handling fear and recognizing danger, and his strategy of putting in the practice- so that you can step up and perform when you need to. 

Who is Nick Troutman?

Nick's list of achievements in the sport of kayaking is about as long as Mike Tyson's rap sheet, and apart from making winning a habit in the sport of freestyle kayaking, Nick somehow finds the time to produce films. An interesting dude for sure.

Why You Should Listen to this Nick Troutman Podcast Episode Right Now…

Indiana Jones style expeditions. Brushes with death. Chasing the rush. This episode is packed with adrenaline- but also down and dirty tips. 



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Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Kate rattles off the impressive trophies Nick has hung up on his wall. Some of these trophies have engraved on them the two words sportspeople the world over desperately wants to achieve: “world champion”. If that's not impressive enough, wait till you hear what's engraved on the other trophies! - 0:35

  • A shocking revelation about Nick's childhood you'll find hard to believe. - 1:00

  • Nick nonchalantly describes a typical competition day as if it were nothing more than buying bread and milk at the shops. (For Nick and other world-class kayakers... it's just another day of competition. But if the average person were to attempt it, they would be risking their lives! - 2:40

  • A certain Spielberg movie that best represents what it's like to kayak the world's most notorious whitewater rapids. - 5:00

  • Kayaking tips that could save your life! (If there's anyone you should listen to when it comes to safely navigating dangerous rivers, it's Nick Troutman. Hopefully you never need to use these tips. 7:00)

  • The importance of "thinking on your feet", or for a kayaker: “thinking on your arse”. - 10:30

  • Nick's near-death Mexican experience. (This harrowing story involves a gnarly Mexican waterfall, a cave, and some lightning-quick thinking from Mr. Troutman. Hear this scary tale from the safety of your home or car at 11:35)

  • Why Nick could be a robot. When you hear how Nick reacted in the life-threatening situation described at 13:00, you'll wonder if he's human, too. (They should at least test to see if he bleeds.)

  • The curious reason why Nick has NEVER lost in the sport of kayaking or in any life endeavor. (Hard to believe? Hear the full story at 18:10)

  • Nick waxes nostalgic about his childhood and introduction to his beloved sport of kayaking. -20:00

  • Nick's crazy "Airscrew" trick that would even scare Tony Hawk. Unless you're a world-class kayaker with no fear and no kids, don't try this!  - 24:45

  • Why Nick should go into sales. - 26:55

  • Does Nick have Peter Pan syndrome? Find out at 27:00

  • The world's coolest father-in-law. He just so happens to be Nick's father-in-law. - 28:15

  • Crafty ways Nick earns a crust from the sport he loves. - 31:00

  • The dark and negative thoughts that regularly pop into Nick's head. (Chances are you battle with these exact thoughts. - 37:10)

  • A screamin' good strategy for powering through on any project, job, or activity with great aplomb even if at first, it scared the hell out of you! - 38:00

  • It's good to learn from your mistakes, isn't it? Sure it is. But... here's a much better way to learn... - 39:45

  • Is jumping headfirst into things that scare you a smart idea? Hear Nick's thoughts on the matter... - 46:00

  • A laughably simple "tool" for overcoming fear. 46:50

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