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The journey to success never happens overnight. We’ve heard of successful people having a clear picture of what they wanted their lives to look like from a young age, but what if you don’t have a vision of how you want it to be? Listen how to take control and find your Northstar from Jason Teeters.

Who Is Jason Teeters?

Jason Teeters comes from a humble background in Indiana and played D1 football at Ball State. While he no real plan or vision of what he wanted out of life, he knew that he needed to work relentlessly hard, and pursue any opportunity that came his way. He grew into a man with many different chapters and paths in his life, but eventually came to work with the United Nations and numerous other high profile organizations. Don’t miss some amazing life lessons from Jason as he shares how you can live a life by design that is not dictated by where you come from.

Why You Should Listen to this Teeters Podcast Episode Right Now…

Jason gives tons of actionable tips and advice that we all can apply to our lives. Whether you're already a high overachiever, or if you're new to the game, Teeters stories and perspectives can undoubtedly help you to take control and level up. 



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Today, Dr. Kate Hixson has Jason Teeters in the studio. Jason Teeters has one of the most eclectic career paths you'll ever hear. It starts in the classroom and ends up at the United Nations, and… everything in between is even more fascinating.

But first, here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Q. What does the United Nations, Black Wall Street, and The Rockefeller Foundation all have in common? (A. They've all had access to Jason Teeter's expertise. Hear about this at 2:45)

  • How tossing “the ol' pigskin” around while growing up gave Jason a huge advantage in his business career. - 5:00

  • Jason shares his Papa's life-advice everyone should heed. - 6:00

  • More proof that teachers are severely underpaid. (Hear Jason's quick but heart-warming anecdote about some of his past students at 7:10)

  • What Jason learned from hanging out with rich dudes who love to smoke expensive cigars and drink fine wine. (Jason hung out with these characters for five years. Here's what he learned... - 9:30)

  • A clever thing Jason did when his career seemed to be going down the toilet and he felt like giving up. (If you ever feel confused, overworked, or feel like giving up, you might wanna try what Jason reveals at 15:00.)

  • Perhaps the most boring and unglamorous success secret you will ever hear. (But don't be fooled, this is also probably the most powerfulsuccess secret you'll ever hear, too! Hear Kate and Jason talk about this at 19:00)

  • A chillingly good "ice breaker" tip you can use at any social gathering that almost always gets a great response. (If you're ever not sure what to say when meeting someone new, then just ask them this brilliant question that Kate reveals at 22:40 and watch how animated and enthusiastic they become when answering it.)

  • Why Jason subscribes to "brave spaces" rather than "safe spaces". - 23:25

  • A 2-second “mind tweak” that can help you relax and be your natural self in high-pressure business settings or any social setting where you feel you need to impress. - 25:30

  • How to use an ordinary car radio to destress. - 26:00

  • Jason's weird (but effective) stress release technique. - 26:30

  • Jason's insightful "we move at the sound of trust" concept. -28:20

  • Dr. Kate's semi-famous CRUSH method for attaining ridiculously high levels of success. (CRUSH is an acronym, but make no mistake, it's anything but cute. Nope. This no B.S., no-nonsense success acronym is a proven and science-backed success formula that just flat out works. That is if you've got what it takes to work it.  Listen up at 18:00 kids!  Hoo Hah!)

  • The grizzly "sharp edge" success tip. (This success tip will likely not excite you, but there's no denying its power and effectiveness. - 37:00)

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