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The Fine Art of Gutting out 100 Miles at a Time




Episode 1 of the Dauntless Podcast features ultra-runner and Lead Woman, Megan Sweeney.  Megan completed the Leadville 100 – an annual ultramarathon consisting of five events and 280 miles over some of the most rugged at elevations as high as 12,000 feet.  Megan continues to run ultramarathons and we just had to know “why.” What makes this chick tick and what drives her to continue to be Dauntless?  Kate Hixson talks to Megan in Leadville about this and other cool stuff.  Don’t miss it.

Who is Megan Sweeney?

Megan is an outdoor-loving, everyday kinda gal.  But what makes Megan Dauntless is her pursuit of just one more mile even after she’s put down 99 of ‘em.  Lead woman Megan Sweeney took on the Leadville 100 and CRUSHed it. And if you asked Megan “why” she’d tell you just to get it done.  To that, we cheer  “Run, Megan, Run.”

Why You Should Listen to this Megan Sweeney Podcast Episode Right Now…

There are many parallels between ultra running and mindfulness in your everyday life.  What would you think about while on a 100-mile run?  How would you keep yourself going to the finish line?  We could learn a lot from Megan.  And you will if you just listen.

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Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Are ultra-runners just highly energized masochists who aren't happy unless their body is copping more abuse than a rental car? (Well, listen to what Megan says at 2:30 and you be the judge.)

  • Megan reveals her favorite part of ultra-running which proves something everyone already knows about ultramarathon runners: they're a little bonkers! - 4:05

  • Why Megan sees ultra-running as a form of meditation. Yup. - 7:00

  • Why calling this extreme (or crazy) sport "ultrarunning" is often a misnomer. - 8:00

  • Can anyone be an ultra-runner, or do you need certain physical attributes? Hear Megan's answer at 8:55

  • Why ultra-running is the perfect metaphor for life and business. - 10:50

  • Megan talks about certain ultra-marathon events that... just hearing about them will make you wince, recoil, and feel exhausted. - 11:30

  • The "P vs I" dilemma every ultra-marathon runner must quickly resolve when the marathon gets down to the business end. - 13:50

  • What mid-pack ultra-runners must deal with that elite runners don't. - 14:30

  • The case for telling everybody your goals. - 15:40

  • How your wallet can help you follow through on goals. - 16:20

  • A sneaky way Megan "uses" her friends to become a better runner. (Best part? Megan's been doing this clever thing with her friends for years and they're all still none the wiser! - 16:30)

  • Kate's semi-famous CRUSH method for attaining ridiculously high levels of success. (CRUSH is an acronym, but make no mistake, it's anything but cute. Nope. This no B.S., no-nonsense success acronym is a proven and science-backed success formula that just flat out works. That is if you've got what it takes to work it.  Listen up at 18:00 kids!  Hoo Hah!)

  • The 9-letter word that you should NEVER use in front of Megan when talking about her beloved sport of ultra-running. - 23:10

  • How one person's "pain" is another person's "pleasure". Not as kinky or weird as it sounds, okay? - 24:00

  • Does Megan ever let her hair down and party or... is her life just full of training and discipline? (Hear Megan's surprising answer at 27:10)

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