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Point, shoot, click, crush





Eye on the end game. Saying yes to the next thing. Embracing the journey.  Crushing it. We’re talking to dauntless and super-talented photographer Brent Taylor. Brent talks about his journey from aspiring artist to badass (commercial) photographer and the lessons he learned along the way.

Who is Brent Taylor?

Brent Taylor’s OMS photography has captured some of the most compelling commercial images.  His gift of an East coast aesthetic combined with a Midwestern desire to get it right has made him one of the most sought-after photographers working today.


His client roster includes brands like: Coca Cola, Kraft, Hershey's, Coors, Guinness, SoftSoap, Starbucks, and many more. And when he's not taking gorgeous photos, Brent can be found deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, tent camping and fly fishing. He even volunteers with the Youth Angler Outreach program with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife agency, where he teaches underserved children how to fish and enjoy the outdoors. In short, Brent Taylor is a helluva guy. 

Why You Should Listen to this Brent Taylor Podcast Episode Right Now…

Brent's tenacity and grit not only make him dauntless, but he is a lesson in the CRUSH method, too.  Brent saw an opportunity in small jobs assigned to him as an intern, and he kept saying 'yes' to possibility.  Today, he is a master of his craft, leading the industry into the digital age and still taking time to educate those in his orbit about hard work, what it takes, and how to stand out.

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A sampling of Brent Taylor's incredible photography


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Brent rattles off a laundry list of clients he's worked with over the years that would make any photographer drool with envy.  - 1:50

  • Why Brent loves to stare at bottles of ketchup and mayonnaise. - 2:55

  • Why the 10-year-old Brent spent hours every day all alone in a dimly lit basement. (Don't worry, it's not as creepy as it sounds.) - 4:00

  • The day Brent went from "bum" to "pro." Hear what his catalyst was at 7:00

  • A “10-letter word” that reveals the secret behind every successful person on the planet. - 8:05

  • Hands down, the fastest, easiest, and smartest way to fast-track your success ever invented. (That said, it will still require that you bust your chops day in and day out. Hmm. That kinda took the shine off a bit, didn't it? - 8:50)

  • A clever thing to say to a hardnosed gatekeeper that can dramatically increase your odds of getting what you want. (Do this well, and you'll have the gatekeeper ushering you inside their establishment like you're a long-lost friend. - 11:20)

  • The shocking amount of time Brent had to sleep on his brother's lounge. (You'll truly appreciate hopping into your own bed after you hear this! - 12:55)

  • Brent's little mind "trick" for keeping the course when all hell is breaking loose and you feel like quitting. - 14:30

  • The case for experimenting your way to success and career fulfillment. - 15:30

  • Kate's “50-second pep talk” that will have you wanting to run through walls! (Prepared to get fired up at 18:00 - Hoo Hah!)

  • The "CRUSH" method for achieving any goal no matter how small or big. (This no-nonsense, battle-tested formula is broken down Barney style at 19:50)

  • The secret to gaining TRUE confidence. It's astounding how many people rely on dorky affirmations, confidence buddies, and listening to pump-up songs to get confidence. (That stuff might be a good counterfeit, but why not get the REAL deal? If you follow the advice given at 21:00 you'll gradually develop an unshakable confidence that people will see in your walk, smell in your attitude, and hear in your voice.)

  • Brent's "client from hell" story that will give you a good chuckle. Hear this tale of hilarity at 22:00

  • A certain job many people look for that doesn't exist! - 24:20

  • Brent's 3 pieces of success advice you'd be nuts not to take. (No matter what your goals or industry, if you heed these 3 golden bits of advice, you can't help but succeed. - 26:00)

  • The best answer you'll ever hear to the commonly asked question "How do you find your calling?" (If you're having trouble finding your path and have no real "passions"... you'll wanna hear what's said at 27:30)

  • Brent's "baptism of fire" work story. Hear this white-knuckling tale at 34:00

  • The “4-word sentence” that all successful people heed every single day. - 38:00

  • The introvert's guide to landing the perfect mentor. (If the thought of reaching out to people you want to be mentored by makes your hands sweat and your mouth dry, don't miss out on hearing this at 39:30)

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