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Dauntless episode two finds supermodel and world traveler Amy Hixson crushing it as a bi-coastal dog-loving famous face – and so much more.  We'll hear about Amy's Catalyst, stumbling into having her face on a bus, and much more. 


Amy Hixson’s humble beginnings include a car made by a kitchen appliance maker and a more than a few funny stories.  Find out what feeds this model-citizen and makes her much more than just another pretty face.

Who is Amy Hixson?

Full disclosure.  Amy Hixson is family.  But before she became my SIL, she was a gangly teenager tagging along to a modeling gig with her older brother.  Fast forward, I married the brother, and now we get to hear about the sordid details of a young model's journey from Ohio to having your face plastered on a bus. 

But Amy is more than just a model. She also is an extremely talented artist- check out her incredible work on insta @aimslow This lady is strong, kind and oh so humble. From her sweatpant suits, to her lack of makeup, Amy exudes a chill and laidback personality. She's quick to laugh and brings a smile to everyone around her. Find out more on this episode of Dauntless. 

Why You Should Listen to this Amy Hixson Podcast Episode Right Now…

If you think you know what models are made of, you’re probably wrong.  And if you think Amy Hixson is just a Victoria Secret model, you’re still wrong or wrong again.  This woman has drive, ambition, and a cool, calm vibe like no other.  Also, she conquered the CRUSH method before 40, so take notes.



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Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:​

  • Amy introduces her two pals who travel with her almost everywhere. (They don't talk much but they're loyal and keep her company on the road. - 2:30)

  • FACT: Every model would give away their entire wardrobe and favorite shoes to feature on the cover of Victoria's Secret. Luckily, Amy didn't have to. Hear about her lucky break at 5:10

  • Is the modeling industry as cutthroat and fickle as people think? You bet! (Just listen to this... - 5:55)

  • How Amy cleverly sidestepped the dreaded "shelf life" as they call it in the industry. (This is where they stop giving you work because they think you're now too old and pass you up for younger models. Here's what Amy did to keep the work coming in thick and fast. - 6:00)

  • How does a 17-year-old girl from Ohio become a model despite wearing braces and suffering from a bad case of acne? Here's how... - 9:00

  • Amy's eyebrow-raising "pay your dues" story. (Think starting a modeling career is glamorous? Nothing could be further than the truth. - 12:40)

  • Q. What do you call a thin, tall, and gorgeous 18-year-old girl driving around L.A. in a rent-a-wreck-car with Incubus blearing from the car speakers? A. A beginner model.  Hear Amy tell this funny yarn at 13:20

  • An almost never talked about (and vital) element of success. Without this element in play, not much is gonna happen, Bubba. - 15:00

  • Amy's refreshing "anti-diva" approach to dealing with people at her photoshoots. (In fact, Amy calls her approach to her work and dealing with others as the "Cheerleader" approach. Just don't mess with her at 3:00 pm., okay? Here's why...  - 21:20)

  • A horrific modeling job that had Amy sweating more than Mike Tyson at a spelling bee. This story starts at 25:50

  • Why models should make sure their makeup artists can keep secrets - 28:10

  • Amy's battle with French pharmacies.  - 32:50

  • Why models need to have the mindset, the toughness, and the fortitude of soldiers in the military. (There's a reason why even the most petite of models are about as tough as a two-dollar steak. Here's why...  - 40:00)

  • The delightfully simple "cakehole" trick for instantly improving your mood. (And no, it's not stuffing your gob full of cake. - 42:00)

  • Damn good life advice you'd be nuts not to take. 43:45

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